Hi There!

I’m Lindsay!

It’s super nice to meet you!

If you’re here, I’m guessing you need help with Pinterest, right?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

In late 2017, I was a newbie blogger that had no idea what I was doing. I KNEW I wanted to have a successful blog, but I needed traffic to do that right?

But where was I going to get that traffic from?

Facebook makes you pay for good traffic.

Twitter didn’t seem like a good use of my time.

I didn’t have enough original photographs for Instagram.

And Google would take a long time.

Then I learned about Pinterest and the power that it had to send massive amounts of traffic to your site if done right.

I quickly dove into learning everything I could about Pinterest, taking course after course.

I couldn’t believe what started happening.

I quickly went from a few visitors a day to 30,000 visitors within one month!

And then 60,000 pageviews the next month!

After seeing these massive results, I was hooked on Pinterest and continued to use it to drive traffic to my site.

After just a year of implementing a Killer Pinterest Strategy, working hard to write content that I knew would do well on Pinterest, and staying consistent, my site grew to over 100k page views per month and grew to over 4 million monthly Pinterest viewers.

But after successfully growing my blog for a little over a  year, I realized that I preferred the technical side of growing a blog more than actually writing.

My passion is Pinterest and helping others grow their business with Pinterest.

So I switched gears and my Pinterest Management & Strategies company was born!

I quickly took on clients, helping them increase their Pinterest traffic in the first 2 weeks and grow their brands.

I absolutely love being able to help bloggers & business owners grow by taking Pinterest off their plate and giving them MORE TIME to work on the things they LOVE.

If you’re ready to take back time for the things you love and implement a Pinterest Strategy that will result in more traffic to your site, contact me here to see how I can help you grow!